Appalachian Ski Mountain

Founded in 1969, Appalachian Ski Mountain is the second oldest resort in the state of North Carolina. The resort was started by the Moretz family. Grady Moretz and his partners signed on to build up a once foreclosed area and turn the land in to a family friendly ski resort. The mountain has under gone many changes over the years. From the lodge and lifts and family friendly staff and great food, Appalachian Ski Mountain has it all!

According to Grady Moretz, the lower lodge that sits at Appalachian Mountain is the original building and the foundation was poured a month before the company should start making snow that season. The lodge has had some upgrades and add-ons over the years. The mountain itself has three slopes which were originally serviced by two rope tows and a T-bar lift. The first chairlift was installed in 1969 and was a double seated chair to service the learning slope called Strudel. But their biggest change in lift operation was with the addition of the first Doppelmayr quad seat chairlift and expansion to the lodge in 1984. This is the same year the Moretz Family gained full ownership of the company as well.

The Staff at App Ski Mountain is the best in the business. A couple guys named Jack Lester and Jim Cottrell formed a ski school to teach visitors how to ski. They called this school The French-Swiss Ski College which today teaches skiing as well as snowboarding to Appalachian State University students and the public. Cottrell says that the ski school is a great introductory to the mountain and the sport. And he mentions that it’s fun for him to see others excited about the sport and want learn more.

The dining facility of the mountains lodge is home to your favorite foods and home-style cooking. Carla Fitzwater is the Dining Room Manager at Appalachian Ski Mountain and over sees the entire kitchen and dining area. She states that when she first took over as the manager, the place needed to have some changes to the way food was prepared. The facility use to use lots of preservatives and additives, but now they cook everything just like momma would make it at home. We sat down and spoke with Carla and she stated that they “use all fresh vegetables,” and that a lot of their food products come from either really well known food vendors or local vendors.

Appalachian Ski Mountain has a lot of history that makes a great story for anyone with a passion for good business, good fun, and interest in an exciting winter sport. The Moretz Family has taken a large section of land and used it to help bring people together with a sport that is fun for the whole family.